key personnel

Robert E. Robinson, P.E.

Robert E. Robinson has over 18 years of experience in the field of environmental   engineering. He holds B.S. degrees in Environmental Engineering and Mathematics and an M.S. degree in Environmental Engineering all from the University of Texas in Austin. Mr. Robinson is a licensed engineer in Texas.

His background has focused primarily on multi-media compliance and environmental engineering. He has worked as both an   environmental consultants and for the Texas Commission on Environmental  Quality. As an environmental consultant, Mr. Robinson has worked on a wide-variety of projects for industrial clients both in the United States and Internationally. Some of the industries he has worked with include Petroleum Refining, Petrochemicals, Steel Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Electric Generation, Equipment Manufacturing, and Transportation.

The types of projects he has worked on include environmental permitting (air, wastewater, storm water, and hazardous waste), compliance audits, site investigations and remediation, hazardous waste management and reporting, spill response, SPCC and FRP plans, greenhouse gas emission estimates, air dispersion modeling, Phase I and Phase II audits, environmental management systems, wastewater treatability studies and process  designs, bioremediation, Title V reporting, air emission inventories, ground   water remediation, environmental sampling, and EPCRA reporting.

In addition to his 16 years of consulting, Mr. Robinson worked for two years at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as the Wastewater Permits Section Manager. At the agency, Mr. Robinson was responsible for managing the development of policies and   procedures to implement the NPDES program following the delegation of the   program by EPA to the state. This task involved the integration of both the   state and federal permitting requirements into a single program. During his first year at the agency, Mr. Robinson was tasked with the responsibility of not only developing the rules and procedures for implementing the newly acquired program, but also managing the efforts to process over 3,600 permit applications received from EPA within the year. This number was almost ten times the normal number of applications processed by the TCEQ in a typical year.

Under his direction, the Wastewater Permits Sections was able to successfully achieve this goal. His other accomplishments at the TCEQ, implementing the new storm water permitting program in Texas, managing the efforts to complete the first Multi-Sector Storm Water General Permit in the state, as well as general permits for aquaculture and confined-animal feeding operations, writing and revising numerous state rules, working with the Governor’s office and state legislature on wastewater permitting issues, commenting on proposed legislation involving water and wastewater programs in the state, and representing the agency at various public and private sector venues.